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January 2016

~Was part of Soundbites 3.0 in the hilarious new show "Ficitious."

November 2016

~Played the role of June Plaunche in "Unraveled" on Investigative Discovery.

September 2016

~Can be seen as Carole Radziwill in her story of "The Haunting of...." on LMN.

~Filmed two episodes of "Shadow of Doubt" for the Investigative Discovery Channel.

June 2015

~Filmed an episode of "A Haunting of..." for The Lifetime Channel playing the role of a nun.

May 2015

~Performed as a soloist in "On The Spot" at the Broadway Comedy Club

April 2015

~Played the role of Eve in a reading of "BreakUp: The Musical!"

November 2014

~Shooting starts for the new web series "Waiting" in which I'll be playing the role of Suzannah  

October 2014

~Singing back-up vocals for Michelle Newman at The Delancey (CMJ Festival)

~Performing in a reading of a new work as part of "That Thing"

March 2014

~Performing at The Secret Theatre in Within Arms Reach with Going to Tahiti Productions

~ Improv Team Fancy! is asked back to perform in Act One at The P.I.T.

December 2013

~Improv Team Fancy! performs in Act One at The P.I.T.

~Background vocalist for Michelle Newman at Parkside Lounge

October 2013

~Performing in a reading of new musical Pieces at the Tada Theatre 

July 2013

~Completes 401 level improv at UCB.

June 2013

~Tapes recreation of an episode of Friends at NYU.

~Performs 2 of 3 401 improv shows at UCB.

May 2013

~Internship at Joy Dewing Casting ends.

~Part of Project Success ESL video series.

~Performs 1 of 3 401 improv shows at UCB.

March 2013

~UBC Improv 301 grad show.

~Starts Improv team Fancy! Check us out at Currently performing around the city.

January 2013

~Interning at Joy Dewing Casting.

September 2012

~The Underground, a reading of Route 66 as part of the N.E.W. Musicals Series.  

July 2012

~No Complications ... Please at the June Havoc Theater as part of the Midtown International Theater Festival.

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